Another Gelato Cafe has opened recently. It is located along the Jalan Besar Area. The interior features a minimalist design with a plain and straightforward color scheme hitting shades of peach and apricot colors. Despite being "empty", this theme has provided a relaxing and inviting setting, giving us a great mood enjoying our scoops of gelato.


They pride themselves with real, freshly made gelato with ingredients directly from their green grocer, having 0 artificial flavoring, preservatives and coloring. This allows us to taste the difference of natural ingredients in every scoop, giving us authentic flavours.

We ordered a double scoop comprising of Hokkaido Vanilla and Sicilian Pistachio. The texture are velvety and addictive, without being too sweet. They use Hokkaido Milk from Japan, infused with the Finest Vanilla Beans from Madagascar.

Sicilian Pistachio cradles a good natural nutty fragrance from the Pistachio Nuts.

Hokkaido Vanilla & Sicilian Pistachio - $9 (Double Scoop) + $1

A good combination of Tea for a double scoop. The Uji Matcha was rich in flavours. They use Ceremonial Grade Match and was extremely unami. While they use the finest Earl Grey and in combination with the floral Sakura , achieving a delightful and light dessert.

Uji Matcha & Earl Grey Sakura - $9 (Double Scoop) + $1

Only a few cafes would offer Dirty Matcha on their menu. Compared to the usual Matcha drink, Dirty Matcha has a different flavour profile, there are three main components to the cup of Dirty Matcha,  namely, Matcha, Milk and Coffee. The lightly sweetened Matcha forms the base while the milk allows a smooth transition in flavour between the Matcha and roasted notes of Coffee.

Dirty Matcha - $8

While many Gelato spots would have closed around 9pm, Muted. is an ideal spot for night lovers as they are opened till 12am daily.

3.25 / 5

Muted Gelato
221 Lavender Street, Singapore 338774