Burp Kitchen & Bar (Bedok Reservoir)

Burp Kitchen & Bar is nestled in the heartlands and overlooking Bedok Reservoir.  

Burp Kitchen & Bar

Stopping over here for a meal as well as some refreshing draught beers to beat the heat. We had the Sapporo Premium Japan lager. 

Sapporo Premium - $12 / pint

In fact, we returned for this. These mushroom poppers were good to pair with the alcohol we had. These white button mushrooms were battered and perfectly done and served with lime mayonnaise.

Mushroom Poppers - $10

Enjoy another bar grub like the Grilled Unagi Cups. Using the crispy Kueh Pie Tee Shells, served with lettuce, grilled unagi and showered with bonito flakes. Yums! 

Grilled Unagi Cups - $12

It's just too boring to order only sides thus we had something filling, the Burp's Burger. Every burger meal comes with potato chips. Love the Brioche bun, beef patty, cheese, caramelized onions, arugula and spicy mayo.

Burp's Beef - $16

The minced patty was juicy and definitely went well in the melting cheese as well as arugula and the spicy mayo sauce.

Cross Section of the Burger

Given its location and the environment, I do not mind visiting again for a chill-out.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Burp Kitchen & Bar (Bedok Reservoir)
 740 Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-3165, Singapore 470740

Burp Kitchen & Bar (Bedok Reservoir)