Downstairs (Suntec City)

 A step into Downstairs in Suntec City had kind of transported me back into my childhood packed full of old HDB memories where we get to see the chest of conventional one-way letter boxes and the checkered stone table. What a nostalgic setting! I guess this is slowly going into history of Singapore.

Good Memories of old HDB 

The item that caught my attention is none other than this staple dish from the Taiwanese Menu, Lu Rou Fan AKA Braised Pork Rice. I'm pairing my meal with a cup of tea. 

The Braised Pork Rice was generously filled with even cuts of braised pork belly in a good ratio of lean meat and fats. The dish was straight forward, comprising just 3 items in the bowl, namely the preserved vegetables, egg and the braised pork belly.

Braised Pork Rice & Tea - $7.30 + $1.30

The Lava Egg was outstanding with runny egg yolk.

Lava Egg

The star of the item in the bowl is none other than this well-braised pork. It was soft in texture with good hints of herbal and braised sauce had accentuated the meat. The braised sauce had given a good pairing to the bowl of white rice. 

Braised Pork

While the place still brings back a lot of good memories, I don't mind visiting again for other dishes.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Suntec City, 3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-132 Singapore 038983

Downstairs (Suntec City)