Num Num Moo [Media Invite]

After stepping into a familiar coffee shop, a place I used to visit almost every fortnight in the past for their popular Sungei Road Laksa but now it had already transformed entirely into some modern coffee shop with a bright signboard for every stall.

Numm Numm Moo

I'm impressed by the wide variety of marinated meat and dishes to choose from. Their Marinations do not contain MSG and yet are so flavourful.

Looking at the young guy working alone in the kitchen and multitasking, we are also pretty impressed by his fast-paced actions in preparing the ingredients by arranging them nicely on the serving plate.

Preparing the Ingredients

The Premium Set comprises 2 Chickens, Pork, Fish, Prawns, Scallops, Squids, 4 Kinds of Snacks, 4 Vegetables, egg and Noodles.

Premium Set - $36.80

While looking at the back view of the stall assistant, I thought what was printed on their shirt was interesting. Are you a meat lover too?

Are you also Meat Lover?

Meat lovers, please pay attention here! How about considering their Signature Meat Platter for 6 different flavours of meat:
  • Bulgogi Beef
  • Yuzu Miso Pork Belly
  • Signature Pork Belly
  • Cajun Chicken
  • Truffle Chicken
  • Sesame Chicken
Signature Meat Platter - $17.80

If you feel guilty for grabbing too much meat, you may want to grab a balanced meal by adding on the  Mixed Vegetable Bowl. The bowl comprises:
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Round Cabbage
  • Kang Kong
  • Enoki Mushroom
  • King Oyster Mushroom
  • Shimeiji Mushroom
  • Corn

Mixed Vegetables Bowl - $7.80

Bulgogi Beef and Yuzu Miso Pork Belly are new items on the Menu. 

New in the Menu

No worries about not getting enough from their Set Platter. You can order their ala carte too.


If you want more seafood items, you can order their Sliced Abalone, Clams or even their Sutchi Dory with Herbs via their Ala Carte Menu.

Ala Carte?

A good thing is that you can help yourself with the Thai Green Chili and their sauces are of no limit.

Thai Green Chilli Sauce


Food is served to the table and they have no service charge nor GST.

Interactions with Customer

Remembering the festive of joy. In conjunction with Diwali in November 2023, they have this special Tandoori Chicken. How thoughtful!


The tender chicken was well-marinated in its bright orange color.

Tandoori Chicken November Special

They do have Bean Vermicelli and Thai Mama Noodle too.

Thai Bean Vermicelli and Mama Noodle

Besides the usual Thai Green Chilli Sauce and Belachan Sauce, do not miss out on their delightful Salted Egg and Cheese Sauce to enhance your experience with the Mookata.

Salted Egg and Cheesy Dipping Sauce

Let's kick off with their Family Set at $53.80. We had

  • 3 Chickens
  • 2 Porks
  • Fish
  • Prawns
  • Scallops
  • Squids
  • 6 Snacks
  • Mixed Vegetables Bowl
  • Eggs
  • Noodles

Our Meal

Our Mookata for the night began here by warming up the pot with the 2 kinds of special sauces and oiling the pot with the pork lards!

Lets start!

Followed by adding the prawns to the boiling hot soup.

Are you guessing it correctly? We are so hungry over the packets of Instant Mama Noodles that we prepared them first over other food.

Mama Noodle

Here's the cheese pull while trying out their homemade Salted Egg Cheese Dip!

Salted Egg Cheese Dip

Also not forgetting their Nacho Cheese Dip too.

Nachos Cheese dip

There is no service charge and no GST! If you are looking for Mookata, try here!

Thank you Lao Niang Agency and Numm Numm Moo for the invitation.

Numm Numm Moo Mookata
31 Kelantan Lane Singapore 2000031

Num Num Moo [Media Invite]