253 Claypot Delight 砂煲小吃

Here we go again, revisiting 253 Claypot Delight. We ordered other soups that we didn't buy during our first visit. The Old Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup was sweet and refreshing. 

Old Cucumber Pork Ribs Soup 老黄瓜排骨汤 - $4

The flavours of White Radish Pork Ribs Soup did not disappoint too. It was sweet with meat falling off the bone easily. 

White Radish Pork Ribs Soup 白萝卜排骨汤 - $4

This was my favourite order for the night, the Emperor Herbal Chicken. It was wrapped in aluminium foil with the herbal soup. The soup is not those gooey kinds but rather a clear-looking and watery base. It was sweet with dates and wolfberries while the chicken was tender.

Emperor Herbal Chicken 帝皇药材鸡 - $8

While we were curious what is the difference between the usual Claypot Rice & Five Flavours Claypot, we ordered one to try. The claypot has more Chinese sausage as compared to the chicken. From what we know, 253 Claypot Delight only offers one-size claypot rice.

Five Flavours Claypot 五味煲 - $10

I came across the video on TikTok when one of the influencers is featuring this Claypot Delight stall in Choa Chu Kang. We bookmarked it on our list and decided to go there.

253 Claypot Delight 砂煲小吃

The ABC pork ribs soup better known as ABC Soup is my all-time favourite. This simple yet nutritious soup is popular in both Singapore and Malaysia. It has 3 main ingredients which are potatoes, onions and carrots. I love the taste as it evokes a nostalgic feeling of home quality.

ABC Pork Ribs Soup 罗宋排骨汤 - $4

Salted Duck soup is a unique and flavourful dish. It has a good balance of flavours between the saltiness and richness of the ingredients. The duck meat was bone-falling tender and I find that the mixture of sweet flavours is quite satisfying. 

Salted Veg Duck Soup 咸菜鸭汤 - $5

We ordered this flavourful and healthy mixed vegetables in clay pot. It was appreciated for its fresh and vibrant taste in combination with different vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, and snow peas with tofu, prawns and scallops. The presentation was appealing and its simply delighting.

Claypot Mixed Vegetables 砂煲什菜 - $8

The starring dish is none other than this Claypot Chicken Rice. This one-pot meal is a delicious Cantonese delicacy that includes chicken, rice and various seasonings cooked together in a clay pot. The chicken was marinated and imparts an umami taste to the dish. The dish gave a good textural contrast of tender flavourful chicken pieces and the slightly crispy caramelized layer of rice that forms at the bottom of the claypot.

Claypot Chicken Rice 砂煲鸡饭 - $7

The dish is comforting, hearty and satisfying to the stomach. Ingredients like Chinese Sausage and vegetables contribute to the aromatic profile of the dish. 


Here's what we had for our meal. I do not mind returning here for their stomach-comforting boiled soup as well as their clay pot rice.

Happy & Satisfying Claypot Rice & Dishes

Rating: 3.25 / 5

253 Claypot Delight
253 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1, #B1 Singapore 680253

253 Claypot Delight 砂煲小吃