Review of Citrus by the pool @ Woodlands [Media Invite]

Whenever I asked my friends about food recommendations in Woodland, I was led elsewhere. No doubt that Citrus by the Pool had been established for about 9 years, but I had never come across such a place and that explained my visit here. Citrus By The Pool is a Halal-certified café restaurant located at Woodlands Swimming Complex

Citrus By The Pool

It caught my surprise that their menu was very extensive and had many choices like pasta, western, waffles and even Thai Cuisine! The staff is friendly and the service is good. 

The interior is cosy, spacious and comfortable. Good News for night owls out there as they are open daily till 5 a.m.


The Yam Mamuang (Thai Mango Salad) got us started on the meal with its harmonious blend of sweet, sour, salty and spicy tastes, adding on with its light and refreshing flavours. The shredded green mango was outstanding for its was not only served with roasted crushed peanuts, chilli and onions drizzled with the sweet and sour sauce but also topped with the fried sliced codfish. 

Yam Mamuang (Thai Mango Salad) - $6.90

What a fusion! The combination of Thai Chilli Crab Sauce and pasta can be served with either chicken or seafood. Flavours of crab with spicy and savoury elements of Thai Cuisine. Yums!

Thai Chilli Crab Pasta  (Chicken / Seafood) - $14 / $15.50

The Stir Fry Garlic Chicken is good for sharing. The succulency of the chicken pieces was made savoury with the bold flavours of garlic. It tasted good alone even without pairing it with jasmine rice.

Stir Fry Garlic Chicken (Gai Tod Kra Tiem) - $9.90

This appetising famous Thai Dish, Tom Yum Seafood Soup is known for its bold & tangy flavours. The delightful and aromatic soup featured a variety of seafood and gave a balance of sweet, and sour with spicy notes. 

Clear Tom Yum Soup (Seafood) - $15.90

A healthy and tasty option that highlights the natural flavours of chicken with free-range poultry. It was delicious and wholesome combining the simplicity of grilling with the quality and flavour of the free-range chicken. Love the Pan Fried Sous Vide Chicken Thigh that carried a crisp on the outer layer and served with their seasonal vegetables coupled with homemade brown sauce.

Grilled Free-Range Chicken - $17.50

This Classic, popular and flavourful Thai Stir Fried noodle dish strike a perfect balance of sweet, salty and tangy flavours. It offers a delightful mix of texture and tastes. 

Prawn Pad Thai - $13.90

The Thai Crispy Fish has always been my favourite from the Thai Menu and Citrus by the pool offers an option pairing it with Thai Chilli, Sweet and Sour Sauce or Dark Soy Sauce.

Thai Crispy Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce - $29.90

The sweet notes and tanginess had married the crispiness of the deep-fried seabass. Its a delightful & flavourful dish indeed. 


The BBQ Squid with Thai Spicy Chili is a popular and delicious Thai Seafood Dish.The combination of smoky and tender grilled squid with its tangy, spicy and refreshing sauce was fantastic. 

BBQ Squid with Thai Spicy Chilli (Pra Meuk Yang) - $9.90

Not many places sell this. The Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings which is also known as "Peek Gai Yad Sai" is a unique Thai Dish. The chicken wings are deboned, stuffed with a delicious mixture and was deep fried to its golden crispy perfection. Its a contrast of crispy chicken skin over a flavourful and savoury filling. The dipping sauce added a touch of sweetness, making this dish a mouthwatering treat.

Thai Stuffed Chicken Wing (Peek Gai Yad Sai) - $8.90

Besides having fusion dishes from their menu, we were impressed by the range of beverages too. Just take a look into their signature ice coffees and my kakis had already shortlisted two.

Their Signature Ice Coffees are Instagram-worthy with alluring colours. 

Oceanic Iced Latte - $9

Want some fruity flavours with coffee? If you are adventurous, try this!

Passionfruit Sparkling Americano - $19

While our stomach was already reaching its limit, we were glad that we still have some space for desserts, their mini milkshakes.

Rainbow Paradise reminded me of my child hood favourite ice cream "Rainbow Paddle Pop". It was topped with some rainbow marshmallows and the milk shake was added with caramel sauce. Gummy was added too and it gave us surprises. 

Rainbow Paradise - $9

We also had the Salted Caramel milk shake that was decorated with a slice of Lotus Biscuit. While we thought it will be sweet, it turns out that the sweetness level was acceptable by all of us.

Salted Caramel - $9.90

We could not resist but were told that their Molten Chocolate Lava Cake was highly recommended. It was handcrafted inhouse and the combination of warm gooey chocolate cake with the creaminess of the scoop of vanilla ice cream was a perfect treat to end our meal. What an indulgence!

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake - $13

Food is priced affordably and the portion is generous. It also can gather big family or groups dining. So if hunger pangs in the night, I will know where to go now.

Thank you Ericia & Citrus by the pool for the invitation.

Citrus By The Pool
Woodlands Swimming Complex, 3 Woodlands Street 13  Singapore 738600

Review of Citrus by the pool @ Woodlands [Media Invite]