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With the last write-up of Island Penang Kitchen in 2015, we realised that Island Penang Kitchen is still as bustling as ever. The service did not compromise either. The service is still on the ball and our orders were taken quickly after we settled down on a table.

Here are our refreshing drinks while waiting for our savoury dishes to be served. 

Homemade Longan, Three Sour Juice, Ice Lemon Tea

A common dish whipped up in Sambal Sauce comprising of Petai, Long Beans, Brinja and Okra (Lady's Fingers). In layman's terms, it's a stirred fried mix of vegetables in sambal. This dish is no stranger in Malaysia.

Sambal Four Heavenly King

Deep Fried Chicken Wings were served in its Brown Crispy exterior but considering its spiciness level, we felt that there was perhaps no Belachan spice at all.

Deep Fried Belachan Chicken Wing

The Asam Curry Fish Head is a popular and flavourful dish in  Malaysia as well as Singapore. This dish typically features a fish head being cooked in a tangy and spicy tamarind-based broth along with an assortment of vegetables.

Asam Curry Fish Head

The Asam curry fish head tasted more like the usual curry fish head. Nonetheless, it does have an elaborated, robust and balanced flavour, combining the spicy and savoury elements.

Asam Curry Fish Head

Creamy and rich salted egg sauce coating every fresh prawn. The dish is well prepared and exhibits rich, savoury and sweet notes, creating a delicious contrast with the sweetness of the prawns while the dish's success often lies in achieving the right texture too. Succulent prawns coupled with the creamy and velvety salted egg yolk sauce, who will say no to such a dining experience?

Salted Egg Prawns

From time to time, we will be craving for dishes like this. If you are also looking for some Malaysian Cuisine, Island Penang Kitchen can be of your right choice.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

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Island Penang Kitchen