Orange Americano, as refreshing as juice in every sip, another innovation from luckin coffee just landed in Singapore

Guess what? Another innovation from luckin coffee has been introduced! Here’s a very special Orange Americano for all Singaporeans that represents another major innovative move by luckin coffee, delivering a unique and new coffee experience.

More Juice than 1 Orange

Enrich yourself with a cup of Americano with a zesty orange burst. The marriage of the robust coffee flavours from the IIAC Gold Medal coffee beans with the refreshing zest of orange juice balances out the bitterness of a typical Americano coffee.

Orange Americano

Whether it’s a working day or an energetic weekend morning, taking a sip simply perks up your day. Not to mention holding a uniquely bright coloured coffee beverage elevates the mood too. No wonder it is the most popular Americano flavour from luckin coffee in China.

Orange Americano and Orange Exfreezo

The special thing about this beverage is that both Americano drinkers and even non-drinkers will likely enjoy the Orange Americano. The taste is not just refreshing but also intriguing! 

Orange Americano

Come and grab the Luck In Hand!

with luck in hand

New Users Incentive! Let’s go! Downloading luckin coffee’s official mobile app (Here) is packed with irresistible rewards. Enjoy your first drink for just $0.99 and get introduced to the world of luckin coffee’s exceptional coffee offerings. This means that new users can now savour their first Orange Americano (or any other drink) for just $0.99.
Give it a try!

luckin coffee App

luckin coffee is the largest coffee chain brand in China, and is also a world-leading coffee retail company with over 16,000 stores worldwide. luckin coffee’s vision is to build a world-class coffee brand and become a part of everyone’s daily life.

luck in hand

Their coffee beans come directly from top coffee-producing regions and have secured the gold medal of IIAC for 5 consecutive years with “Yirgacheffe” in luckin coffee’s SOE Specialty Series winning the IIAC platinum award in 2 separate years.

luckin coffee officially launched in Singapore in March 2023, and have since established over 30 stores island wide.

Furthermore, luckin coffee has introduced more than 50 beverages, averaging the launch of a new beverage weekly in 2023. These innovations include various categories like their Single Origin Espresso (also known as the Little Black Cup Series), Signature Lattes, Matcha Series, luckin Exfreezo, Tea Latte and more. 

luckin coffee’s customer-centric approach and digital capabilities are evident in their day-to-day operations. For instance, new users not only can enjoy their first drink for $0.99. Once downloading the app, they can also receive coupons of varying denominations; and after placing an order, they may also collect additional vouchers. With the launch of the luckin coffee membership program in mid-November 2023, be prepared to receive more discounts and benefits the more you use their app.

Orange Americano, as refreshing as juice in every sip, another innovation from luckin coffee just landed in Singapore