Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室

We have been hearing about this office theme Dessert place ever since Bing Tang Tang Shui Office had jumped onto the bandwagon of unique themed cafe in Singapore offering their retro office inspired interior with nostalgic furnishings. 

Bing Tang Tang Shui Office

Upon stepping into the 80s kind of office that we used to see in the dramas. Every corner of this quaint space has been re-created to an 80s office environment.

Office Meeting In Progress

Bing Tang Tang Shui is located just a bus ride away from Lentor MRT, deep in the estate of Thomson Hills drive.

Table & TV

If you are looking for some unique and Instagram-worthy place that gave you a nostalgic feel of the past, do check out this office. 

Boss Office

Not my typical bowl of Cheng Tng for it came with Pink Rose Infusion. Its a symphony of flavours made with sugar cane, dried candied mandarin orange, and rose jelly. 

Cheng Tng (Pink Rose Infusion) - $8.80

The subtle caramel taste in the jelly added a depth while the orange zest gave a citrusy punch allowing a unique bowl of dessert. Last but not least the tangy candied mandarin orange had given the bowl of Cheng Tng complexity in flavour. 

Ingredients from the Pink Rose Infusion Cheng Tng

What a beautiful creation with Osmanthus infusion. Soft, chewy taro balls, purple goji jelly, wild blueberries and attap seeds are hidden below the bed of crushed ice. 

Purple Goji Taro (Osmanthus Infusion) - $12.50

The dessert is drizzled with a sweet and tart purple goji berry syrup and topped with fragrant fermented rice "jiu niang" milk sauce infused with Hakka yellow wine and lemon zest, finished with a light osmanthus caramel. 


Its quite nice to see places like this with an uncommon theme incorporating some old-school elements to create a truly exclusive dining experience. Though the desserts may be on the steeper side and the location is quite out of place, the charm of such an eccentric environment will still draw people like me who love such traditional Chinese charm.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室
15 Thomson Hills Dr, Singapore 574759

Bing Tang Tang Shui 冰糖糖水办公室