Pastaria Abate

While we were searching for the pasta to fix the cravings, we came across Pastaria Abate which received pretty good reviews on social media. Pastaria Abate is dedicated in fresh handmade pasta using fresh ingredients and making it at an affordable price. They served homestyle Italian dishes with family recipes passed down over generations. 

Interior of Pastaria Abate

We were sipping these drinks waiting for our food to be served. 

Iced Cappuccino & White Peach Cooler - $7.90 & $8.80

The flame-grilled pork belly is lightly salted and I'm surprised by the crisp exterior when I sink my teeth into it. The thickness of the pork belly was just a little thick and it is super tender and super juicy. The dish was paired with some vegetables as a side. 

Italian Grilled Pork Belly - $16.80

If you are coming here for Pasta, there are 3 Categories of pasta for customers to choose, 100% Egg Pasta, Dried Pasta and Fresh Specialty Pasta. They can be served with Cream Sauce, Red Sauce or White Wine Sauce.Altogether, they have more than 20 kinds of pasta for you to choose from too.

I had Al Ragu under the Red Sauce Section and pairing it with Pappardelle from the 100% Egg Pasta. Not many pasta places served Pappardelle and Al Ragu is also one of the recommended Pasta on its menu.

Al Ragu - $28.80

This traditional chunky beef stew sauce was slow to cook for 12 hours. The texture of the Pappardelle gained nods from us and the thickness of the Pappardelle was slimmer 


Opted the dried pasta, Linguine, to go with Carbonara. The Linguine was cooked to Al Dente Perfection, uniformly covered in light cream sauce. The Carbonara comes with chunky bacon bits and topped with a poached egg.

Carbonara - $28.80

While this classic italian dessert is often known for its intense, rich and indulging flavour. We find that their traditional Tiramisu was lacking of the strong flavour that we were seeking for despite of its light mascarpone cheese.
Traditional Tiramisu - $12.80

No doubt that texture is flavoursome to us, taste like espresso was lacklustre. We find that if it has alcohol in it, it could make it better.

Tiramisu Layers

With them serving fresh, authentic and delightful pasta, we had finally found a place to fix our cravings.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Pastaria Abate
86 Neil Rd, Singapore 088846

Pastaria Abate