Mei Shi Cheng Congee 食城粥品

Mei Shi Cheng Congee is my other choice of place for Congee in Clementi besides those stalls in 448 Clementi Hawker Center. They offer a variety of congee and also Yee Mee. 

Mei Shi Cheng Congee

Every bowl of Congee Ordered comes with cut portions of fried fritters topping up the congee with fried anchovies and spring onions.


A delightful combination of Meat Ball & Century Egg. Meat Balls were well seasoned and added depth to the overall congee together with the century egg.

The congee on the other hand had a smooth and creamy texture with rice grains fully cooked and softened. This combination is a comforting and satisfying dish that combines familiar flavours with unique ingredients. 

Meat Ball & Century Egg Congee - $4

Another comforting congee selection will be pork congee. Rich and comforting with pork imparting a savoury depth to the dish. Porridge like wise has a thick and creamy consistency. Pork us tender and juicy adding a meaty contrast to the softness of the congee. The toppings like fried anchovies and spring onions had provided a crunchy texture element as well as balancing out the dish.

Pork Congee

Congee is a delicious and classic comfort food that offers a satisfying and nourishing eating experience. Its always warm both body and soul with each spoonful.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Mei Shi Cheng Congee 食城粥品
Blk 328 Clementi Avenue 2, Singapore 120328

Mei Shi Cheng Congee 食城粥品