Legacy Seafood 横行八道海鲜

With many friends having already visited this place, now it's my turn. While we were looking for some quiet place in the West Area for a decent dinner, one of us decided on Legacy Seafood. Legacy Seafood is known to offer Cze Char Dishes in their air-conditioned restaurant conveniently located along Science Center Road.

Legacy Seafood

We visited during of the weekday evenings and were rather happy that we had the whole place to our own before the sky turns darker.


With so many sauce selections for the Crab Dish, we opted for The Golden Sand for we thought it was quite special. The sauce was creamy and addictive with pumpkin and salted egg yolk which complemented the plump and juicy big crab.

Golden Sand Crab Delight 黄金沙螃蟹 - $105 per Kg

We enjoyed the Crustacean Gravy too with these little airy buns.


One of Legacy Seafood's recommended dishes is Fermented Vegetable with Minced Meat Beancurd. 
The circular beancurn was crispy on the outside and wobby in the inside. It was topped with minced meat, preserved vegetables and spring onions.

Fermented Veg With Minced Meat Beancurd 味香豆腐 - $20

The execution of this Hor Fun Dish was pretty similar to the usual Hor Fun we have. A good highlight was that the seafood ingredients like prawn, squid and fish were generous. The scrumptious gravy was a tad spicy though.

Signature Hor Fun 招牌河粉 - $15

A familiar dish from Malaysia that I would never thought to see in Singapore. The leaves of kale were deep-fried till crisp and topped with fried anchovies alongside crunchy Kai Lan Stalks.

Crispy & Stir Fried Kale Combo 双味芥兰 - $18

Fans of Ribs and also enjoying a hearty infusion flavours? This Guinness Pork Rib might float your kind of dish. Enjoy these fall-off-the-bone, tender succulent pork ribs with a rich and complex taste achieved from the slow-cooking in Guinness Stout Beer as marinade 

Guinness Pork Rib 黑啤酒排骨 - $20

Replacing the Bowls of Rice, we had the longevity noodles too. We ordered this as we thought this was special on the menu. The ingredients on the noodles were generous too with mushroom, prawns, vegetables, beansprouts, minced meat, shredded carrot etc. 

Longevity Noodles 寿面 - $20

Noodle has a smooth texture and was not oily. Simple and taste good.

Long Noodles

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Legacy Seafood 横行八道海鲜
Location: Bestway Centre, 10 Science Centre Rd, #01-23, Singapore 609079

Legacy Seafood 横行八道海鲜