Ristorante Palermo

While the Makan Kaki saw an advertisement online with Pasta going 1 for 1 from Ristorante Palermo, a reservation was made for our dinner at Keppel Bay.

Ristorante Palermo

The atmosphere is quiet and charming with glass panels, overlooking the Docking Bay.


 If you are dating or celebrating any special occasions,  this serves as a good place to romance your date.

Keppel Bay

We thought that the Olive Oil and Vinegar were contained in a unique glass, as well as the salt and pepper. 


Like most Italian restaurants, we were served with some toast while waiting for the orders. 

Bread / Toast

I'm always a fan of pappardelle and since this particular pasta was served there, we ordered and had a try. The broad pasta was of the right thickness and cooked to perfection served with tender chunks of Angus Beef, Porcini Mushrooms and shaved parmesan flakes. The ratio of Pasta Sauce to Pappardelle was well managed to the right portion.

Pappardelle Angus Beef - $38 

Tiger Prawns Aglio Olio was cooked to Al Dente Perfection too with Bell Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, prawns, garlic and chilli flakes. Though grilled, Tiger Prawns were huge and succulent. 

Grilled Tiger Prawns Aglio Olio - $38

We ordered their Speciality Pizza and it is also suitable for vegetarians. The fragrance lingers along the hallway in the restaurant while it is being served. The crust was crispy and addictive topped with Porcini Mushroom, black truffle pesto and soft egg as well as truffle caviar, not forgetting the pulling mozzarella cheese.

Palermo Speciale (Vegetarian) - $32

Overall, its a complimentary of great ambience and quality food that you may want to unwind and spoil yourself for some moments.

Rating: 3.5 / 5 

Ristorante Palermo
Marina at Keppel Bay, 2 Keppel Bay Vista, #02-03, 098382

Ristorante Palermo