Macron Loses French Elections. US, UK, NATO Panic.

Right wing Hungarian leader Viktor Orban has formed a special coalition with far right parties from Germany and the Czech Republic to challenge the EU from within the European Parliament. It is most certain that Marine Le Pen's National Rally party which won the EU elections in France will be a close ally of this new right wing coalition inside the EU.  There will be right wing fireworks in the European Parliament.

Making things worse are the results of France's own general elections yesterday where again Marine Le Pen's National Rally party has won with a whopping 34% of the votes. 

  • France’s far-right National Rally won resounding victory
  • Marine Le Pen’s RN winning about 34% of the vote
  • left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) won 29% 
  • Macron’s centrist Ensemble about 20.5%

Macron is at No. 3 position and about 14% of the vote behind Le Pen. 
Macron also  has to contend with the fact that 63% of French voters have rejected him.

There will be a second round of voting (this is the French system) on July 7th but it appears that the results may be the same. Or perhaps better for Le Pen.

France is already politically highly unstable. If Macron loses as badly on July 7th there is a possibility that he will tender his resignation as president of France. Then there will be a presidential election and if so Marine Le Pen will likely win and become the first female president of France.

If Macron does not resign, he will become a very weak president because the Cabinet and the government will be made up almost entirely of opposition parties. It will be a nightmare.  

In the US the presidential debate has shown clearly that Joe Biden is suffering serious dementia. He was incoherent quite a few times. The question is who is running the US government? 

Next up are the British general elections on July 4, 2024 which is just three days away. Rishi Sunak is expected to nail the coffin on the Conservative Party for a long time - until HMS Victory sails from Portsmouth again, perhaps under a female captain.

 HMS Victory in Portsmouth Dockyard, UK Stock Photo - Alamy

                                                       HMS Victory at Portsmouth

The European people are getting tired of all the liberal and/or woke as well as left wing bullshit that has invaded their politics for too long. This has been going on for decades and they are at last getting fed up.

Over in Ukraine the Russian troops suddenly got up yesterday and today and pushed the entire 1,200 km frontline even further to the west.   Their big summer offensive has not begun yet. They seem to be working to a schedule.

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Macron Loses French Elections. US, UK, NATO Panic.