Commotion in Parliament over Mkini's Kelantan gold mine report


PARLIAMENT | The Dewan Rakyat descended into chaos today when RSN Rayer (Harapan-Jelutong) raised the issue of gold mining in Kelantan which Malaysiakini reported last year.

Perikatan Nasional MPs, especially from PAS, objected to Rayer bringing up the issue while debating a bill on amendments to the Audit Act 1957.

Rayer (above) highlighted the gold mining issue involving the Kelantan government-linked company Akademi Yakin Sdn Bhd (AYSB).

As Rayer continued his debate, a PN parliamentarian interjected: “Malaysiakini is owned by DAP.”

This was followed by an objection from Awang Solahuddin Hashim (PN-Pendang), who claimed that Rayer's point was against the standing orders.

“It has nothing to do (with the debate), he is a troublemaker... he used to attack Umno, and now he is with Umno," said Awang.

For the record, Malaysiakini is not owned by any political party or political figure, nor do its co-founders represent any political interest.

Insult to Kelantan

Syahir Sulaiman (PN-Bachok) raised a point of order, claiming that the issue Rayer brought up had no connection to the amendment bill.

Syahir Sulaiman

"Standing Order 36(1) states that a member of the house, when debating a bill to amend a principal act, must stick to matters related to the bill.

“Which clause in the bill is this? (It has) deviated (from the purpose of the debate),” Syahir said.

Several other MPs from PN also stood up to challenge the issue raised by Rayer, accusing him of “ill intentions”.

Rayer tried to continue his speech but was disrupted by PN parliamentarians, forcing Deputy Speaker Alice Lau to intervene.

Khlir Mohd Nor (PN-Ketereh) also raised his voice, describing Rayer's statements as an insult to Kelantan.

“You insult Kelantan,” shouted Khlir, prompting a reprimand from the deputy speaker.

Malaysiakini report

Tan Kar Hing (Harapan-Gopeng), however, defended Rayer's speech that quoted Malaysiakini’s article.

Tan referred to Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal's (PN-Machang) speech in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday, where he cited an anonymous letter alleging a mastermind behind the sale of Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd shares to a Blackrock-linked company.

“Earlier, you mentioned Facebook; yesterday it was an anonymous letter. We were patient.

“Now, why are you upset with Malaysiakini's report? Just wait and listen,” he said.

The commotion continued until it was the Pendang MP's turn to debate, at which point Lau adjourned the session until tomorrow.

The Malaysiakini report published in September last year was regarding AYSB’s gold mining project spanning 199.7ha in the Jentiang Forest Reserve, Gua Musang.

It was reported that the project had been operational since 2017 before proper environmental impact assessments were carried out. The issue was also raised in the 2020 auditor-general’s report.

PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan, who was also an AYSB nominee director in his capacity as a former state exco, had said the Kelantan Environment Department could pursue action against AYSB if it carried out gold mining without the necessary approvals. - Mkini

Commotion in Parliament over Mkini's Kelantan gold mine report