'One by One' rematch turns out to be Harapan campaign video


SG BAKAP BY-ELECTION | A new video has emerged showing the two men who fought in the infamous “one by one” incident appearing to get ready for a rematch.

However, hours after the video emerged, it was revealed that it was actually part of a Pakatan Harapan campaign stunt for the Sungai Bakap by-election.

Harapan candidate Joohari Arifin posted the first half of the video on social media at 10am with the caption “aduh gaduh lagi” (they’re fighting again).

The video shows the man who wielded a helmet in the original brawl - known only as Inthiran - now wielding a cleaver and daring shop owner Goh Yap Eng to “come out”.

The two then ask each other if they are gentlemen and say they are here for another “one by one”.

Then at 5pm, Joohari posts another video, this time showing the Sungai Bakap candidate trying to calm down Inthiran.

However, Inthiran then reveals that he is at the shop to have durian with Goh.

The video then ends with the trio enjoying durian, while holding hands in a show of unity.

Goh and the other man had previously fought each other on June 4. A video of the incident quickly went viral.

However, the two men then made amends on June 12.

- Mkini

'One by One' rematch turns out to be Harapan campaign video