a new interpretation of sovereignty


The following is a statement made by Dr Kanul Gindol a well known activist in Sabah. As usual I have done some slight editing / amendments. 


By Dr Kanul Gindol
Sabah Activist
Chairman of Gindol Initiative for Civil Society Borneo
Kota Belud, June 26, 2024


1. TODAY i got another shock when i read the very speech of  _ _  yesterday in Parliament, that he consulted Hamas leaders on state matters, especially involving .. entities that possibly have ties to Israel.

2. - -  made such announcement in defense of ------'s decision to sell shares in M--B, which manages our 37 airports, to firms related to B--ckR-ck and Israel, and which had been condemned by many M----m leaders.

3. The -- also mentioned and implied that he had also consulted Hamas on doing business with Apple, Microsoft and Nvidia which all have ties and interest to and in Israel, and that Hamas gave consent to it.

4. This brings in a new diplomatic interpretation of sovereignty whereby M----sia preferred "problematic" parties for consultation in doing its business.

5. It is only that we in Sabah and Sarawak must be extra wary with the new M---ni approach and its preference for questionable international fellowships. I call on our MPs to be brave in Parliament, if they have dissenting opinions, and not just keep quiet.

Thank you.



My Comments : I am afraid the Semenanjung MPs on both sides will not have any dissenting opinions. To attract the supposedly elusive Malay vote in the Semenanjung, both sides will claim to be closer to Hamas than the other side. I will not be surprised if opposition MPs in the Semenanjung also make telephone calls to the Hamas folks.

It is not a crime for anyone to make telephone calls to the Hamas fellows. 
It is also not a crime to be foolish.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.
a new interpretation of sovereignty