We’ll rally in Tambun if ignored, protesters tell Anwar


Rally organiser Aidil Yunus, of the Demi Negara group, said the prime minister must respond within 30 days to their demands.

PUTRAJAYA: The organiser of the “Rakyat Lawan Anwar” demonstration has warned of holding another rally in Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s parliamentary constituency of Tambun if their demands are ignored.

Aidil Yunus, known on social media as YB Viral, said they will give Anwar 30 days to respond to their eight demands, which includes not raising the price of RON95 petrol.

“Today is very important because we are sending our first warning to Anwar. He has not eased the people’s burden since coming to power 18 months ago.

“We want him to respond to our eight demands within 30 days. If not, we will go to Tambun to demonstrate,” Aidil told reporters after the protest ended.

The protesters, organised by the Demi Negara group, had gathered outside the prime minister’s official residence this evening, with police estimating about 150 rally goers in attendance.

Clad in black, they had called on Anwar to step down as prime minister, although this was not among their demands.

Their eight demands are for the government to: stop any increase in the price of RON95 petrol; solve a purported shortage of local white rice; tackle unaddressed issues resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic; lower the rising cost of living; protect national health service workers; ensure fair wages; uphold freedom of speech; and maintain economic sovereignty. - FMT

We’ll rally in Tambun if ignored, protesters tell Anwar