Did PM lie to Parliament, Muhyiddin asks over MAHB deal


Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday questioned if Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim lied to the Parliament.

According to the Pagoh MP, Anwar on Tuesday told the Dewan Rakyat that Hamas saw no issue in the selling of Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB) shares to Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP).

GIP is set to be acquired by Blackrock, a US-based firm that allegedly funded Israel.

However, the Palestinian political party said otherwise in a statement issued the following day, Muhyiddin said.

“Anwar said at the Parliament that those who are against the selling of MAHB stakes to GIP are more Hamas than Hamas.

“He said that Hamas itself did not have any problem (with the deal).

“(However), Hamas later issued a statement stating that it supports all boycott actions against Israel. So, did the prime minister lie in the Parliament?” Muhyiddin asked on Facebook.

The controversy erupted on May 15, when Khazanah Nasional Berhad announced that the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and GIP - through GIP Aurea Pte Ltd - would form a consortium to acquire shares in the airport operator.

The decision courted flak from various quarters after it was found that Blackrock, a company deemed to have ties with Israel, is acquiring GIP.

Anwar defended the decision, saying Malaysia’s economy would be impacted if it were to cancel ties with all Israel-linked companies.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim meeting Hamas leaders in Qatar on May 15

He also told the Parliament on Tuesday that while it sounds good to cancel all deals with Israel-linked companies, such a move is unrealistic.

Referring to Hansard

According to the Dewan Rakyat Hansard, the prime minister said the MAHB deal was never mentioned by Hamas leaders when he met them recently.

“It may sound good (to cancel ties with all Israel-linked companies) like we are the champion of the issue, but this is actually unrealistic.

“I had a discussion with Hamas leaders, and (this matter) was never raised.

“But there are some people who want to be more Hamas than Hamas. This is our problem,” he was recorded as saying. - Mkini

Did PM lie to Parliament, Muhyiddin asks over MAHB deal