Here is more explosive news. This picture below shows the whole array of Russia's old fashioned gravity bombs or dumb bombs. These bombs were first made about 60 years ago under the Soviet Union. During war time, the airforce will just drop these things from the sky and hope that they will hit the target. So they would drop like a dozen of these (at least the smaller types) to ensure that maybe one or two may find the target. 

Well not anymore. In the latest evolution the Russians have attached cheap, wing kits to these bombs with a global positioning system which makes each and every one of these bombs a precision guided glide bomb. These formerly 'dumb bombs' have suddenly become like 'one shot one kill' sniper bullets. The west has nothing similar in their arsenal.

The huge difference is that the gigantic bomb on the extreme right weighs NINE metric tons which means it has a huge explosive power. The explosives make up half the weight of each bomb. That NINE ton bomb will have 4.5 tons of explosives, which can take out a city block. The next one weighs FIVE metric tons. 

The one in the middle the FAB3000 weighs THREE metric tons and was recently deployed in Ukraine. The FAB3000 is now under mass production. It has 1.5 tons of explosives. This bomb can only be carried by Russia's massive TU22M, TU95 and TU160 bombers as well as the SU-34 fighter bomber (which can hoist only two of the FAB3000s).

The two smallest one the FAB500 (500 kgs) and the FAB1500 (1.5 metric tons) have already been causing considerable havoc in the war.

The FAB3000 is changing the fate of this war. Here is a short clip of this bomb "missing" its target (a building) by about 15 meters yet it still completely destroyed the building.

The FAB3000 has a kill radius of about 200 meters or 600 feet. That is a destruction zone of 1,200 feet in diameter. The bomb's shrapnel can still kill humans half a mile away. Here is some tech talk:

Starikov compared Russia's new weapon to nuclear BOMBS and called the FAB-3000 bombs "the most terrifying."

"They started producing FAB-250, FAB-500, and now - FAB-3000. It completely destroys all fortified areas," he noted.

The expert added that the FAB-3000 is equipped with a universal gliding and correction module, which is also mounted on smaller caliber bombs. FAB-500 in this configuration inflicts serious damage on the front lines of combat. According to Starikov, the FAB-3000 will worsen the morale and psychological state of the Ukrainian soldiers.

Earlier, expert Vasiliy Dandykin stated (https://m.lenta.ru/news/2024/03/27/o-...) that the FAB-3000 will allow for the destruction of enemy strongholds with high efficiency.

The Americans are well aware of these monstrous weapons. That FAB3000 bomb is really creating huge losses for Ukraine.

If I were the Americans I would worry about those FIVE and NINE tonners. That is the end of the world. Armageddon.