Family calls foul play on man’s death in apartment fall


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The scene at Plaza Indah P6 apartments after technician Khairul Nazrin Idris was found dead after a fall from his apartment.

PETALING JAYA: A Kajang family believes there were criminal elements behind the death of 23-year-old technician Khairul Nazrin Idris, who was found dead after a fall from his apartment building earlier this month.

His elder sister Natasha Fireen Idris, 31, said the family disputes the classification of Khairul’s case as sudden death and wants the police to further investigate.

Speaking on the family’s behalf, Natasha said that he had telephoned his wife minutes before he fell to his death at the Plaza Indah P6 apartments on June 8.

She said Khairul’s wife, while on the line, overheard an argument going on, while Khairul did not say a word.

“During the incident, he called his wife but didn’t say anything. His wife overheard the voices of a man (not Khairul) and another woman, and it sounded tense.

“The man was heard saying ‘lu mari sini naik atas’ (you come here, let’s go upstairs),” she told FMT.

After a while, Natasha said the phone went silent. Khairul’s wife then rushed home where she found her husband lying motionless with his head bleeding on the grounds of the apartment building.

Natasha said their neighbours had also heard the altercation with the unknown persons.

She appealed to the police to further investigate Khairul’s death, saying it was highly unlikely that he had jumped off the building as he was afraid of heights and had no personal issues.

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Khairul Nazrin Idris is survived by his wife and nine-month-old daughter.

“We just want justice for him. We are only members of the public and cannot force any witnesses to cooperate, so we hope the police will reopen the case,” she said.

Khairul, a technician, was the third of four siblings. He is survived by his wife and a nine-month-old daughter.

In a statement, Kajang police had said they received a distress call about a man who fell from the apartment building landing on the rear windscreen of a car.

The then Kajang police chief Zaid Hassan said preliminary investigations by a forensic team found no criminal elements, with the case classified as sudden death.

When contacted, newly-appointed Kajang police chief Naazron Abdul Yusof said the case’s classification remains for now, pending further developments. - FMT

Family calls foul play on man’s death in apartment fall